Unregistered Tender Offers

This table includes tender offers for unlisted securities for which the bidder did not file the tender offer with the SEC. For a more robust database covering tender offers that with full public disclosures, see Registered Tender Offers

Stated NAV
Shares Sought
2018-01-12KBS Legacy Partners Apartment REIT, IncLiquidity Partners Trust I$3.08$4.40375,000
2018-01-08Lightstone Value Plus REIT VEverest REIT Investors I LLC$5.40$7.981,200,000
2017-11-27Northstar Real Estate Income Trust, Inc.Mackenzie Capital Management LP$5.86$9.922,500,000
2017-10-25Steadfast Income REIT, Inc.Mackenzie Realty Capital$7.22$11.651,000,000
2017-10-25Hospitality Investors TrustMackenzie Realty Capital$5.53$13.20300,000
2017-10-16Cole Credit Property Trust IV, Inc.Mackenzie Realty Capital$6.01$10.081,000,000
2017-10-10Summit Healthcare REIT, IncMacKenzie Realty Capital$1.34$2.53330,000
2017-10-05Inventrust Properties Corp.Mackenzie Capital Management LP$1.49$3.1410,000,000
2017-09-28Behringer Harvard Opportunity REIT I, Inc.Mackenzie Realty CapitalNot specified$1.751,500,000
2017-09-22KBS Legacy Partners Apartment REIT, Inc.Mackenzie Realty Capital$6.19$8.27900,000
2017-09-14KBS Strategic Opportunity REITEverest REIT Investors I LLC$10.25$14.81600,000
2017-08-29KBS Real Estate Investment Trust IIMackenzie Capital Management LP$3.87$5.49Not Specified
2017-08-29KBS Real Estate Investment Trust IIMackenzie Realty Capital, Inc.$3.87$5.492,500,000
2017-08-16Uniprop Manufactured Housing Communities Income Fund IIMackenzie Capital Management LP$10.06$13.0530,000
2017-03-15Inventrust Properties Corp.Mackenzie Capital Management LP$1.42$3.1410,000,000