Everest Tenders for Carter Validus Mission Critical REIT

On December 11, 2017 Everest REIT Investors I LLC and Everest REIT Investors II LLC filed a tender offer statement on form SC TO-T,  seeking to purchase 9,325,000 shares of Carter Validus Mission Critical REIT for $8.00 per share.

The Direct Investments Spectrum, reported that there were 7 trades of Shares on secondary markets during the twelve months ended July 31, 2017 (most recent period published), at a weighted average price of $9.00 per Share and with a range of $8.46 to $9.81 per Share. The sponsor of the REIT estimates the value of the shares to be $10.02.

For more information on ongoing tender offers, and historical data, see mini-tender data.